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Sales tax automation with taxjar integrates with TaxJar to add Sales Tax automation for Stripe, Quickbooks Online, Xero and more.

Enhance Your Stripe Integration

Sync Stripe and we automatically create sales receipts, calculate fees and even match transfers to deposits! 
FInancial Automations Made Easy.

Accounting, Invoicing, Sales Tax, automated.

Online charges

Adjust Payments

Enhance Stripe sync to your accounting in with TaxJar Sales Tax integration. Save time and get accurate data in real-time.

Client invoices

Invoice Customers

Invoice your customers correctly by pairing Stripe to your Accounting with TaxJar Sales Tax integration.

Sales Tax reports (soon)

Automated Sales Tax Reports

Upcoming TaxJar integration with Sales reports integration and sync with your accounting. Contact us to be part of our early beta.

official partner add-on

What is TaxJar?

When it comes to sales tax, collecting is the easy part. Everything else is hard. TaxJar makes it easy.

  • Prepare and file sales tax returns in minutes, not hours
  • Automated sales tax reports by state and local tax jurisdiction
  • Keep a payment history for tax time and audits

Find out more or try TaxJar for free.

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Sales Tax on Autopilot with seamless integrations

Sales Tax sync for Payment Gateways

Get accurate and compliant data from the start with Stripe automation and more. and TaxJar integration helps you add sales tax for every charge processed on Stripe. Automatically.

Sales Tax sync with Accounting (soon)

Never spend time managing Sales Tax with your accounting again. TaxJar integration will sync your Sales Tax information with your accounting in just a few steps. Contact us to be an early beta user.

Online Bank Transactions history

Keep track of all your transaction history by connecting your Online Bank account into You will access valuable data such as live balance, transactions history and may more.