How can you help me?

Sush.io allows you to automatically send data from your payment solution to your accounting software. Eventually Sush.io manages to match your deposit from, say, Stripe, to your own checking account feeds in the accounting software you'd use. Here's why Sush.io is different.

What is your free plan?

The first 100 transactions are free. You can set up how many automations you want. Please feel free to try and test different combinations. Let me know if you encounter any issue. Sush.io will simply stop pushing data after 100 transactions.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes. You can adjust, upgrade or downgrade anytime in the settings menu. Learn more in the sush.io app settings account.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We can offer discounts if you register several companies at once. We usually offer this deal with CPAs who bring along several companies at once.

New automation

How do I use Sush.io?

Once you set up a connection in Sush.io, the data will be processing, and shortly after, every transactions from Stripe or Paypal will appear in accounting solution. Our detailed tutorials are here to help you setup your first automation.

When will it start syncing?

It starts right after you have validated the automation, whatever your current plans is. Please keep in mind that you might not see the transactions appearing in the second since the process takes some time.

How do I edit an existing automation?

There is no way to edit an existing automation. We advise you to delete the old one and start a new automation from scratch. Please be careful to setup the right "retrieving date" for your data.

Does Sush.io support EU taxes?

Yes, multiple Tax rates is applied based on your Accounting settings. We are also ready for new accounting EU rules as of January 1st, 2015 when selected in the automation setup. End Content Footer

How are you linking transactions to customers?

You can configure customers' name during the automation setup. It's up to you to decide whether or not you want Sush.io to create a generic name or to use the credit card name to name your customers.


Can I import my data in a way that doesn't include individual transaction amounts?

When you create an automation, you can specify that you don't want to synchronize your Charges. Only Fees and Refunds will then be synced. This only works for Xero.

Can I choose what items to import for QuickBooks Online? For example, Fees and Refunds only.

No, this features only exists for Xero.

An income accounts did not appear in the list during the setup, why is that?

For now, Sush.io applies a filter not to crawl every Income accounts. For example, accounts named after figures/numbers only do not go through our filter.

Technical side of things

What is a Charge?

A Charge is what you invoice to your customer through your Payment Gateway. Prices include a specific volume every month. Additional Charges vary depending on your current plan. Upgrade and downgrade anytime. Fees, refunds and other events do not count as charges.

How do you handle VAT in Stripe?

The Payment Gateways Stripe doesn't provide an access to the supplier's VAT number nor to the customer VAT number.

That's why we are not able to apply the VAT exemption for B2B and why only the B2C rule is applied (i.e. if you select the option, we apply the rate of the country where is based your client).

If you have the client address in the credit card info (essentially the country code), then we apply the correct VAT rate for countries part of the EU. The rate for countries outside of the EU is always 0%.

How VAT can be inclusive in Xero?

Go to the Xero/General Settings. In Feature, select Invoice Settings. Edit you Template per default. In the option Show taxes as and select Inclusive.

Do you support multiple income accounts?

Unfortunately, we don't support multiple income and expenses account synchronizations.

My sync did not happen. It only synced 500 transactions and there should be more. Why?

The explanation might be very simple: you subscribed to our $25 plan that only handles 500 transaction per month. If you want more, you'll have to subscribe to our superior plan that goes up to 3000 transactions. Missing transactions will be pushed once you''ll upgrade your account.


Questions about our privacy policy?

Privacy is important to us. Read our Privacy policy and contact us if you have any questions.

Could not find your answer?

Shoot us an email, we try to respond quickly: support@sush.io.