Paypal to xero

Sync Initialization

During the setup, you can decide wether you want the PayPal charges and fees to hit the accounts created by Sush.io (PayPal Sales/Fees) or to hit the income/expense accounts you already configured into you Xero account.

Afterward, Sush.io will create a ‘PayPal balance’ bank account where all the charges and fees goes, and you are asked to specify the bank account where you usually receive the transfers from PayPal. If you didn’t have linked your bank account yet, you can still decide to use an account ‘PayPal Transfers’ created by Sush.io


The money received is created as Invoice in Xero and deposited to the ‘Paypal Balance’ bank account.

You can choose wether you want Sush.io create all your customers coming from PayPal or create one customer for all the Sales Receipts.

Sush.io keeps the transaction reference in the Invoice


The money refunded is created as Credit Note in Xero and refunded to the ‘PayPal Balance’ bank account.

The refund is directly done to the contact in Xero if you chose to synchronize all your PayPal customers during the automation setup.

Paypal Fees

For each PayPal Fee, Sush.io creates a Purchase Invoice in Xero charged on the ‘Paypal Balance’ bank account.

The money goes to PayPal as vendor and the line account is ‘PayPal Fees’.

Sush.io keeps the transaction reference in the Invoice.

Transfers to 3rd Parties

Transfers to ThirdParties are created as Bank Transactions and come from the PayPal Balance bank account.

If the receiver is not already created in Xero, Sush.io does it