Stripe to Quickbooks online

Sync Initialization

During the first execution of the automation, Sush.io creates a payment Method ‘Stripe’.

For the Stripe Fees, you can decide to hit one of the account already created in your QBO account, or to use a default account  ‘Stripe Processing Fees’ created by Sush.io.

At last, by default Sushio creates in QBO a vendor called ‘Stripe Payment Gateway’  and a generic Item called ’Stripe Sales’ (you can still decide to use one of your choice).

Stripe Charges

The charges are created as Sales Receipts in QBO.
You can define during the setup whether you want Sush.io to create all your customers coming from Stripe or a single customer for all your charges.
We keep the charge reference in the Sales receipt and the description comes directly from the subscription plan title or the charge description in Stripe.

Stripe Transfers

For each Stripe transfer to your bank account, Sush.io automatically creates a deposit in QBO with all matching Stripe Data (charges, fees and refunds).

The account of the deposit will be linked to the bank account chosen during automation setup.

The deposit captures Sales Receipts & Refund Receipts previously created, but also the Stripe Fees, Fee Refunds, Adjustments and Collected Fees  for the given Stripe transfer period. Each corresponding to separate deposit lines.

In QBO, the deposits match automatically the transactions of the linked Bank Account

As Sush.io is perfectly integrated with QBO, you’ll spend less time to reconcile your Stripe transfers on your bank account in QBO.
The match is automatically done, you simply have to approve them!