stripe to xero

Sync Initialization

During the first execution of the automation, Sush.io creates an expense item ‘Stripe Feesand a sales item ‘Stripe Sales'’

At last, Sushio creates in Xero a vendor called ‘Stripe Payment Gateway’  and a bank account ’Stripe Balance'.

Stripe Charges

The charges are created as Invoices in Xero and are paid to the ’Stripe Balance’ bank account.

You can define during the setup whether you want Sush.io to create all your customers coming from Stripe or a single customer for all your charges.

We keep the charge reference in the Invoices.

Stripe Fees and Fee Refunds

For each Stripe Fee, we create a Bill and for each Stripe Fee Refunds we create a Credit Note in Xero.

The ID of the charge is kept in the object reference.
The Vendor is Stripe.
The item is the ‘Stripe Fees’ created during the automaton initialization.

Stripe Transfers to user Bank Account

We managed both Automatic and Manual transfers coming from Stripe.

If you linked an checking bank account during the Sush.io setup, the Stripe transfers are created from the ‘Stripe Balance’ bank account to the checking account.

From there, it’s just a couple of seconds to automatically reconcile all your Stripe transfers!

Stripe Transfers to Others Recipients

If you pay directly from your Stripe Account, Sush.io retrieve the corresponding external transfers to create in Xero a Payment to your Vendor.

The payment goes from the ‘Stripe Balance’ bank account to the Contact corresponding to the recipient of your transfer.