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Benefit of our Experience 
When we built the Integrations, we use the most possible the connectors and processes we already developed

Concentrate on Your Core Product
We built and maintain your Integrations.
If there is an issue, we fix it.

Benefit of our Platform
We Monitor and Scale for you your Integrations but you Keep the control thanks to your dedicated Dashboard

How Does This Work?

The Integrations You Want

Tell us what are the services you want to connect with.
We already propose tons of them, and we are able to create a new one in a blitz.

A Customized Experience

You decide how to setup a connection

Your Users, Your Process

A truly custom experience for your users. Choose between the various levels of integration, from grey label to complete integration and offer connections and workflows in just a few steps.

All In One Platform

We built the Integrations on our powerful Platform.
Don't worry, we develop the Integration in a language your team certainly understand thanks to our SDKs based on common languages such as Ruby or NodeJS.
Our Team manages everything:
- We Scale when needed
- We ensure all the Sync are Up and Running
- We Fix any Issues
But no black box, you can checkup what's happening thanks to your Dashboard and Monitoring Tools

Super easy setup on Sush.io

Client Case : Avalara Trustfile

With this integration,  Stripe payment events such as charges, fees, and refunds are synced in real-time to Quickbooks Online. All sales receipts will be created as soon as charges occurs and all Stripe transfers can be easily matched  to the corresponding deposit. In real time.

No technical knowledge needed to setup this automation. Find this integration on Intuit's apps marketplace.

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