Create Sales Receipts.
Add Fees and Refunds.
Match Transfers to Deposits.


We start by analysing your account.

Four questions are asked for you to personnalize the experience.

The automations starts syncing right away.

Syncing Stripe events
in real-time automates every Stripe event in Xero, in the right way.

For each Stripe transactions, we create a Sales Receipts including the Charge and the Fees. We also keep the charge reference.

This works for Refunds, too.

Match your accounts

For each Stripe transfers to your bank account, we create a Deposit with all matching Stripe data.

Deposits capture Sales Receipts, Refund Receipts, Stripe Fees, Refund Fees, Adjustments and Collected Fees.

Deposits match automatically the transactions of the linked Bank Account.

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